Why do we not produce false eyelashes but handmade mink eyelashes?

Why do we not produce false eyelashes but handmade mink eyelashes?

Today, I will lead you to visit our eyelash factory and tell you the truth: why don’t we produce bad eyelashes?

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How to start your eyelash business line and build your eyelash brand

We have two factories in Qingdao, one is the eyelash factory and the other is our custom packaging factory. If you always follow our posts, you already know how to make 3d mink eyelashes and how to make a custom packaging box.wholesale mink eyelash vendors

wholesale mink eyelash vendors

Today, we discuss why not produce bad eyelashes?

As time goes by, more and more people are willing to buy safe and reliable top products. They will buy luxury mink lashes wholesale at a reasonable price. Do not use bad eyelashes.But there are still many distributors ordering cheap eyelashes of inferior quality. Why?They import eyelashes at low prices and sell them at regular prices. And there is some profit, but when customers use better eyelashes, you will lose customers.

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First, once people use luxurious 3d mink, they will not use inferior eyelashes.
Bad eyelashes are cheap, of low quality, and have a chemical smell. And they are not as comfortable as high-end 3d mink eyelashes. In the long run, people who use bad eyelashes will lose regular customers. Once you miss your customers, you miss honesty.luxury mink lashes wholesale

luxury mink lashes wholesale

People will never do business with you. Therefore, this will cause you huge losses. More and more girls find us and choose our eyelashes. We focus on high-end 3D mink personal and 3D mink business.

The second reason is that more and more distributors demand luxury eyelashes, which they can sell out in a short time.
Therefore, because of the quality, they like to work with us. Our eyelashes ae soft and fluffy, and the material of mink fur is much more expensive than ordinary ones. We can provide you with the best service. wholesale mink eyelash vendors

wholesale mink eyelash vendors

If you want to create your own 3d mink eyelashes, just tell me your ideas or give me your drawings, we can design and produce for you, so your eyelashes are in yours Will be unique in the market.

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