who do Custom Eyelash Packaging USA?

who do Custom Eyelash Packaging USA?

Dior Lashes Packaging Factory located in Qingdao China, we are the largest Eyelash Packaging Wholesale Factory In USA, and the most professional Custom Eyelash Packaging USA manufacturer.We supply all kinds of Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box, and today we will show you more about our Eyelash Box factory.


 Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

Our factory area is 5000 square meters, locate in Qingdao, China. We have the most advanced 3D printer and UV printer.And welcome all of our friends and customer come to China to visit our Eyelash Packaging factory.

First , Production Process of Eyelash Box Wholesale

1st Prepare files before our designer design eyelash boxes for you .

we need high quality logo , brand name , font, pattern , slogan before the design.

Eyelash Packaging factory

Eyelash Packaging factory

2nd Design custom eyelash boxes with your logo and all information

we will arrange the design work to my professional designer after the payment, and our designer will design for you with your AI PSD or PNG format photo,and we will give professional effect photo and sketch to you to check the effect of your Lashes Packaging within 24 hours.

handmade mink eyelashes manufacturers

Lashes Packaging

3rd Modify your Custom lash boxes

You just feel free to point out each one we should modify , and tell this to your salesman, and they will told our designer to do all for you ,and will show you the update Lashes Package again.

Wholesale Eyelashes And Custom Packaging

Modify your Custom lash boxes

4th confirm the eyelash boxes

Once our customer confirm the design the work, we will produce the Lash Packaging for you after the permission.

Cheap mink eyelashes

Lash Packaging

Second, Production cycle of Custom eyelash boxes

Well, it depends in fact. The production cycle of your Eyelashes Packaging depend on the material and craft your use. Different style box different production time it takes.

Wholesale Vendors For Lashes

acrylic Eyelash Case

1st The production cycle of acrylic false eyelash case.

All the acrylic Eyelash Case are in stock, if you want to do Custom Eyelash Boxes With Your Logo, we just use 3D printer pint your logo and pattern and slogan on the surface of the box,so that will need little time to do this job,and that will takes about 3 business days, more efficient.

Custom Eyelash Boxes With Logo

Custom Eyelash Boxes With Logo

And some girls love Butterfly Acrylic Eyelash Boxes ,very beautiful and amazing Custom Lash Boxes. These Custom Eyelash Boxes With Logo are very popular in the market now ,.and they are clear and people can easily see the structure of the lashes , and won’t open the False Eyelash Packaging.

2nd The production cycle of lash boxes

This kind of Lash Packaging we will takes about 10 business days to finish the work. If you choose the special craft, that will need a little bit longer than the ordinary one.

 Butterfly Acrylic Eyelash Boxes

 Butterfly Acrylic Eyelash Boxes

If you know the craft, we have about 7 step to finish the Eyelash Packaging Box, and the one who visit our Lashes Packaging Factory will know the production,and that do need time to finish the work, if we do faster than before, the glue will lose effect, and the quality will reduce, we can’t reduce the quality to save time.

Clear Acrylic Custom Eyelash Packaging

Wholesale Eyelash Packaging

Because we have strict Eyelash Box QC Team, and we can only do best Custom Eyelash Packaging , because we know the importance of the Wholesale Eyelash Packaging.

Third , The daily output of our custom eyelash packaging

We have three production lines , and if we do all the production, we can produce 20,000 Lashes Packaging .

Wholesale Mink Lashes

Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor

As you know, so work are by Eyelash Packaging machine, and some are by hand. So the work is limited by the labor.And we have too many boxes to do a day, and too many process to finish , so the output is limited by the production lines.

Fourth, Free Eyelash box design

All of our design work are free if you choose Dior Lashes to be your Lashes Vendor, all the design are free .
why ?

1st we have our own design team

our design team are all skilled workers , and they can easily design what you want within limit time.As you know ,time is money, some Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor they don’t have their own designer, and they can’t supply this service.

Best selling mink eyelashes

Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor

2nd Save time
If we don’t provide this service, that our customer will takes long time to finish the design work.

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