What Should You Do When Your Mink Lashes Sales Does Down?

What Should You Do When Your Mink Lashes Sales Does Down?

Many Lashes Seller said , the sales of their eyelashes are falling down , and they don’t know why this happened and also don’t know how to improve the sales.

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3D Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendors

Why Your Sales Are Falling Down?

When you see your financial statements slip, it’s a serious problem when you saw them. And you have to find the problem immediately in your front market. Why your sales are falling down?

Next , let’s analyze:

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The first reason is that your product.

You should check the quality of your 3D Mink Lashes immediately
And check if the quality is not as same as your sample order when you make 3D Mink Lashes Bulk Order. Most of the Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Suppliers and Manufacturers change the quality of the 3D Mink Eyelashes when they make bulk orders.

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3D Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendors

So the biggest constant in the world is changing. Never give up on product oversight. And your High Quality Of Your Mink Eyelashes are always the foundation of your 3D MINK LASHES BUSINESS LINE.

And the next thing you have to check is still checking your lashes.

You should check the style of lashes is the latest product.
Also you should add some new lashes regularly and tell the news to your customers and if you have no idea how to build your customer communication , And will share the most core and practical marketing tips for you to promote your lashes business.

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And the third thing , you should check your custom packaging boxes.

If you change the style of your Lashes Custom Packaging Box, and if you change your style of lashes , you should let your customer know , and make some changes in your Lashes Box and your customer can easily see the changes. And there are many tips to designer your custom packaging boxes, but the important thing is that you should make them more professional and beautiful.

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Private Label Custom Eyelash Packaging

Every one will prefer to choose the beautiful packaging with Best Mink Lashes.And maybe there are some other reasons you still haven’t find them , but they did existed. So you should pay attention to every link from production to sales.

So What Should You Do When You Find Your Reasons?

1st Find your Best 3D Mink Lashes Beauty Supplier

If your wholesale mink eyelashes vendor won’t provide your best lashes and best service anymore, you have to chose a new one , and compare them with your previous Mink Lashes Vendors.Make sure they are much better than the previous one ,and you should You should reserve several suppliers for comparison to make the best service to your consumer. Don’t let problems happen and you don’t know what to do. And if you met problems but have no idea we could help you solve the problems if we can do for you ,just let us know even if you don’t make an order from us, we will help you make the right choice and decision.

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Mink Lashes Vendors

2nd Check the lashes and make a sample order again.

When you find there are some problems in your lashes vendor, you have to take action immediately, and you should check the new lashes vendor again. Some things you have to do over and over again to make sure everything is good. And especially your eyelashes and service from your new China Lashes Manufacturer Wholesale Vendor.

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3D Mink Lash Wholesale

3rd Determine delivery period and price

Usually there are some similar to your first vendor ,but you should check them again to make they provide the best service to you and your business line. So if everything is OK and you accept, so you should do the next step.

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4th Make a second sample order.

Usually someone will tell you should make a sample order but few people tell you should make a second order to test the quality of your lashes.

Because when your make sample order , some lashes vendor will send you high quality to earn your trust.

So you should make a second order to check the quality and service again.

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5th Test the market with the second sample order.

Once you receive your second order, never mind compare them with your first order, and if they are as same as your first order , then you can make bulk orders.

In fact , many Lashes Factories change their craft in order to improve the quality, but few Eyelashes Wholesale Supplier will provide bad lashes instead of good ones .

3D Mink Lash Wholesale

Four Tips Help You Distinguish The Quality Of Your Sample Order.

The first part you should check the brand.

You should feel softness of the brand, The hardness of eyelash band is not the harder the better nor the softer the better , and if you want to know details please add whatsapp to get the answer.
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Private Label Eyelash Boxes

The second part you should check the mink fur.

If you can’t detect the true or false mink fur, you can go to a professional testing organization for testing, and you can directly add whatsapp008613465813039 to get help. And we have some post to teach you how to distinguish the mink fur.

3D Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendors

The third part you should check the eyelashes glue.

And the last you should check the style.Each step you should test with professional skills to distinguish them , so wish you have your own high quality Lashes Wholesale Suppliers , anything about your lashes and box we can do for you ,just let us know and we will help you make the right choice.

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Best Eyelash Glue

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