What are 7D Mink Lashes?What Is The Vendor ?

What are 7D Mink Lashes?What Is The Vendor ?

1.What are 7D Mink Lashes?

  • Before we explain this concept 7D Lashes, it’s necessary and fundamental to have a basic understanding of the following two concepts.

A. Mink Lashes

  • First,All of our Mink Lashes are made of 100% mink furs and purely hand-made.
  • Second,The furs are from the end of the tails of the young minks which are long, sturdy, light and glossy.
  • Third,The texture of mink furs are fluffy,soft and tough.《How to identify a good lashes vendor?》
  • Fourth,The wearing effect is clear and vivid and the Wholesale Mink Lashes is integrated with people’s eyes.

private label mink lash suppliers

private label mink lash suppliers

B.The Difference Of 3D Lashes And 7D Mink Lashes

  • 3D Lashes look more tridimensional and vivid than general lashes and this kind of 3D effect can make your eyes more fire-eyed and bright.
  • 7D Mink Lashes are designed and produced on the basis of the above two concepts, so we will focus on the word “7D” to talk about the meaning of 7D Mink Lashes.

C.The Application of 7D Technology

  • 7D technology hasn’t been around for a long time, but it’s already gaining popularity with some people because of the incredibly realistic effects it produces.
  • In our life, 3D movies are becoming more and more common with the development of science and technology, this is because 3D movies do a good job in watching effect, which make the cineframe more three-dimensional and real and give people the feeling of being there, so the effect, produced by 7D technology can be imagined.

D.The Characteristics Of 7D Mink Lashes

  • Compared to 3D Mink Lashes7D Mink Lashes are more fluffy and messy, which can make people who are wearing them more beautiful and generous.
  • 7D Mink Lashes look more natural, which can integrate with people’s eyes and there is no sense of massiness. And 7D Mink Lashes look more curly, this means that you don’t need to use eyelashes curlers to make your faux lashes more curly, which can provide convenience for you when you make up. In addition, 7D Mink Lashes are exceedingly tridimensional.

2.How To find Appropriate 7D Lashes Vendors?

  • 7D Mink Lashes have been around for a while, so it is a little difficult to find the appropriate 7D Mink Lashes Vendors.
  • And for 7D Lashes Wholesaler, the good and bad are intermingled, so in the process of selection, you should be accomplished with open eyes and clear judgment. There are two main ways, including offline and online.


  • Offline channel is mainly about international exhibitions where there will be many Wholesale Lash Vendors, who will sell their own products and services.
  • But during the epidemic, many activities have been canceled in order to avoid cross-infection. So, it’s important for 7D Lash Vendors to compete for online markets.
  • we will pay more attention to the analysis of online channel in the next time and we sincerely hope that you can find an appropriate and specialized Lash Vendor as soon as possible.

B. Online

  • We know that offline transaction has been affected to a large degree because of the COVID-19. And 80% of customers choose to find Mink Lash Vendors by making use of Google for health and safety reasons.
  • Google is a very convenient platform where we can find out some fine 7D Lashes Vendors throughout the world. The followings are some famous online platforms.

1. Google

  • Well, Google is the biggest search engine company in the world. If you are an American customer, you can get a very concrete and detailed Eyelash Vendors lists by searching on Google for “Wholesale Lashes Vendor ” in the USA. And you can contact us for more information if you have an interest.
  • For example, we can help you to master the skills of talking to the Lash Vendors and help you learn to choose the most popular eyelash styles and other important things.

2. YouTube

  • YouTube is the world’s largest video website. Here are a lot of professional videos from Wholesale 7D Lashes Suppliers.
  • You can see some hot videos with high hits by searching for “Wholesale 7D Mink Lashes Vendors” directly and they will provide you many ideas and originality, which are helpful and useful for you to carry out lashes business.

3. Facebook

  • Facebook is a very famous social media website. You can search for “China Lashes Vendor” or “Mink Lashes Vendor”. We strongly believe that you can acquire a lot from it if you are willing to spend time on it.


  1. As a very popular social media platform, INS owns tens of thousands of makeup bloggers and small-and-medium sellers, who push a lot of originality and new products to market every day.
  2. So you can pay close attention to them and express your intention. Perhaps they are willing to share their suppliers with you. If not, you can at least acquire some very useful and significant business information.
  3. If you do not find a suitable Eyelash Vendors Wholesale through the above two methods, you can consult us. We have a comprehensive understanding of current Mink Wholesalers.
  4. As we are also a professional wholesaler, who are capable of providing you with reasonable suggestions and you can choose to cooperate with us if possible.

3.Where To Buy Cheap 7D Mink Lashes?

  • The faux lashes originate from the Beijing Opera, which is used to show the appearance of the actor. In China, there are a lot of lashes factories and Mink Lashes Vendors with rich experience not only in obtaining raw materials, manufacturing but also in design, packaging, and transportation of lashes.
  • And 7D Mink Lashes are first designed and produced by Chinese Mink Lashes Manufacturer, which can provide you with a unique wearing experience, so if you want to buy cheap 7D Mink Lashes, coming to China is your best choice.

best mink eyelash vendor

best mink eyelash vendor

  • We are one of the best Mink Lashes Vendors, located in Qingdao, China. We have already begun to design, research and development, produce and sell 7D Mink Lashes. The biggest difference between us and other Lashes Wholesalers is that we have our own factory,
  • which means that no middlemen pocket the difference and you can rest assured of our products, because our products are made of 100% mink furs from Siberia and purely handmade, which mean that our products are high-quality.

 4.Why Do 7D Lashes Wholesale?

Have broad prospects

  • As we all know, contemporary women’s pursuit of beauty is more and more intense, our existence is to provide customers with the perfect experience of beauty, so we continue to optimize and innovate eyelashes in order to meet the needs of different customers.
  • And we are confident that 7D Mink Lashes will be popular with many people, so if you want to start your own 7D Mink Lashes Wholesale, you can try to purchase 7D Lashes in bulk from us and we can give you a favorable price.



  • As an old saying goes, “a thing is valued if it is rare”. Generally speaking, people are always curious about fresh things and like unique or rare things, so 7D Mink Lashes can catch the eyes of many people easily.


5.Where is7D Mink Lashes Factory?

  • There are only several 7D Mink Lashes Factories in China, which are not as much as 3D Mink Lashes Vendors, because many factories have not yet had the awareness to design 7D eyelashes, but after continuous analysis of foreign market data, we realized that it is time to innovate eyelashes.
  • Our factory owns the world’s most advanced 7D technology and comprises design, quality testing and production teams as well as three automatic production lines, which makes our product quality and the production capacity reach the world’s top level. So, you needn’t worry about the quality of our products.

6.Can I Get Some7D Lashes Samples?

  • Yes,of course. We can give you three pairs of free 7D Lashes Samples if you are interested in our products.


7.How Long Will It Take For 7D Lashes Samples

  • In some companies, it often takes 5-7 days to ship out, but as far as we are concerned, it only takes 24 hours to ship out. So why we are so fast?
  • Confidence
  • We are confident in our 7D Mink Lashes, so we have a great deal of goods in stock, which is beneficial to find out any kinds of lashes timely and send them out quickly.

private lash vendors

private lash vendors


  • We have clear division of work and each performs his or her functions. So, we can ship our lashes samples quickly.


Efficient Express Company

We cooperate with the world’s most efficient express company,which is not only guarantee the security of goods, but also deliver goods to the hands of customers effectively and quickly.


8.What Can We Do For You?

We can do a lot of things for you and we will try our best to give you a hand when you have needs. The next are the detailed introduction.



1. The latest styles

2.The price-quality ratio is very high.

B. Market: Best-seller

C. Help you to design and produce the specialized and elegant lashes boxes

D. Help you to start your own Mink Lashes business step by step



  • We have become a professional Mink Lashes Wholesale in two year’s time.
  • And we are willing to pass on our experiences to you and then help you to start your Mink Lashes business step by step.
  1. E. Help You To Build Lash Brand
  • It’s of vitally important for you to build lash brand when you want to carry out your own Mink Lashes business. We are willing to give you some advice if necessary.

3d mink lash wholesale

3d mink lash wholesale

9.What Is Our Service Philosophy?

  • A. Use soul to create an influential eyelash brand
  • B. Customer first
  • C. Careful and responsible
  • D. Provide advice to customers timely when necessary
  • E. Try our best to help customers
  • More details about 7D Mink Lashes and Wholesale 7D Lashes, welcome add WhatsApp to get more professional knowledge.

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