How Much Does Your Custom Lash Packaging Box Cost ?

How Much Does Your Custom Lash Packaging Box Cost ?


How much does your lashes box cost? Aoive Lashes will give you a good price for your reference, help you make a good Eyelash Box order.

. Profile

Eyelash Box

  • The eyelash box plays an important role in the process of eyelash sales. Eyelash Packaging  can not only protect 3d mink eyelashes from damage,
  • but also enhance product value, promote sales, and at the same time spread the brand value to obtain more customers and markets.
  • A growing number of customers choose to purchase our eyelash boxes and customize their own eyelash boxes.《what-are-the-uses-of-a-beautiful-logo/》

siberian mink lashes 25mm wholesale

siberian mink lashes 25mm wholesale

Our Achievements

  • We have been devoted to brand packaging and sales and provide small and medium-sized eyelash enterprises in America with marketing programs integrated processing with packaging.
  • We also provide OEM and ODM services to help thousands of small and medium enterprises to start their own business every year.


Factory Location

  • Located in Qingdao, China, and covering an area of 5000 square meters, our production factory is a standard modern eyelash packaging box factory with the most advanced 3D printer,
  • UV printer and printing machine in the world. Our quality and production capacity are at the world’s leading level and our factory has a design team of 5 people,
  • a quality inspection team of 5 people, a production team of 70 people, and three automated production lines.


Production Process

Design Your Eyelashes

  • All design renderings and scripts are designed by our professional design team according to the needs of customers.

siberian mink lashes 25mm

siberian mink lashes 25mm

Draw And Produce An Unfolded Drawing Of A Box

  • Our drawings are customized according to different box shapes, which takes 0.5~1 days.


Print The Outer Cover Of The Box

  • Our design team will design high-quality printed pictures for printing with the top printers in the world so that bright and real colors are not easy to fade away.


Film The Box Cover

  • There are two kinds of film-coated paper: bright film and matte film. The purposes of filming are to keep the printing color for a long time, to prevent scratches on the box, and to improve the quality of the box.
  • If you want to know whether your box is covered with film, you can consult our sales staff who will share with you a simple and professional method for identification.

siberian mink lashes vendors

siberian mink lashes vendors


  • Gold-blocking including brand name and logo stamping can make the box glow and improve the box grade.


Produceinner Box

  • There are mainly two kinds of inner boxes, one is the inner box with a large tray and the other is the inner box with a small tray. The size of the box is determined by the size of the eyelash tray, which is determined according to the length of mink eyelashes. This step is realized by machines.


Adhesive Packaging Process

  • The quality of glue, the adhesive packaging process, and the strength of the extrusion process directly affect the quality of the whole box.

siberian mink lashes wholesale

siberian mink lashes wholesale

Assembly Process

  • Assembly is the process of the outer and inner box paste, generally with the hot melt adhesive. Compared with spot gluing and linear gluing, curve gluing is relatively firm but it takes a longer time.


Cleaning Up

  • This step is to remove the dust with alcohol or water and sterilize it at the same time.


Wrapping And Packaging

  • We use a high-quality anti-extrusion paper box whose covers are sealed with tapes and will be labeled as fragile stickers to prevent extrusion and damage in transit. We guarantee that the eyelash boxes will be delivered safely and on time to our customers in good condition.


Production Cycle

  • Our usual production cycle for eyelash box is 3 to 12 business days which is faster than any other eyelash box factories.
  • The length of the production cycle is caused by the difference in process and material, such as printing time, gold-blocking time, material preparation, and production time.

strip lash vendors

strip lash vendors

Daily Production

  • Our average daily output is about 10,000. Although it is not the most, our quality is the best, because we put quality first and have strict quality control in each link. The yield is influenced by the process.
  • We have large stocks of the box that are all in the market popular style, and our delivery speed is within 24 hours, which enables our customers to quickly occupy the market and save time.


Ⅱ. Design Team and Service Philosophy

  • Our professional design team adheres to the concept of free design to our customers to help them open other eyelash sales businesses with the least investment.
  • Free 3D renderings and design scripts help customers confirm the real effect,which effectively avoids the problem of misunderstanding design drawings.And the implementation of 3D renderings is conducive to more professional and efficient service and communication.
  • We have professional skills and an enthusiastic service attitude that reflect the serviceability of an eyelash supplier.
  • Our aim is to try our best to achieve customers’ ideas, design, and produce the most perfect and professional eyelash packaging box.
  • Super VIP service. We will spare no effort to meet all the requirements of the customers we have served, such as website building, brand promotion,
  • logo design, etc. That is the biggest difference from other mink eyelash suppliers. Our IT,brand building and design departments provide the foundation for the most professional super VIP service.


Ⅲ. Price Of An Eyelash Box

  • All eyelash boxes produced by us are at the factory’s wholesale price, which is very cheap and highly competitive in the market.


How Do We Measure And Set Prices?

  • The quotation is based on the quantity, size, and consumables, process, and man-hour. In addition, our design is free of charge.
  • Two Direct Ways To Lower The Wholesale Price:
  • Quantity. The more you buy, the lower the price.
  • Buy our eyelashes. If you purchase both our 3d mink lashes and the eyelash box, our sales staff will give you a discount and reduce the wholesale price of the box. Of course, craftsmanship and other requirements also affect the price.
  • If you want to get a favorable price and would like to purchase an Eyelash Box, now can contact us, We will assess your order immediately and give you a competitive wholesale price.

top eyelash vendors

top eyelash vendors

Three Different Eyelash Boxes And Prices In The Market At Present:

Acrylic Eyelash Box

  • It is made of high-quality plastic with high transparency, which is very similar to crystal. Meanwhile, the box is simple, elegant, and high-end with the ability to resistant to pressure. Anything you like can be printed on the box, but you need to send us high-quality AI, PSD, or PDF files.
  • The price of our acrylic boxes is between $1 and $3. Of course, the prices of the boxes vary slightly because of different quantities and crafts.
  • If you want an accurate quotation, please contact us


Hardboard Eyelash Box

  • The material of the hardboard eyelash box is natural, green, and harmless. The texture is light and strong, so the freight is low.
  • And a beautiful appearance can promote sales and protect eyelashes from damage.
  • The price is generally between $1.5 and $5. If you want to get the quotation immediately, please contact us


Cardboard Eyelash Box

  • The cardboard eyelash box is soft and can be folded, which can save space and freight. The price is much cheaper than the hardboard eyelash box, generally between $0.5 and $1.5 per box. It is especially suitable for supermarkets and eyelash stores, with large quantity and low price, and it is very competitive both in wholesale and retail.
  • All eyelash boxes are made with new materials and new techniques and sold on the spot with a long shelf life. Besides,all boxes are original according to customers’ needs, from creative ideas, designs, modifications to drafts.

top lash vendors

top lash vendors

. Steps For Designing A Professional Eyelash Box

Lashes Brand Name

  • This is the foundation of spreading the brand and shaping the value. It is by your brand that consumers remember you and your eyelash business.


Lashes Logo

  • A professional logo with bright colors and lines can make it easier to impress customers and increase brand value.


Colors of your eyelash packaging

  • The color of the box must match the color of the Logo. The box pattern and the overall effect need elaborate design.



  • The brand name is the eye of the box; the slogan is the soul of the box. The slogan can be simple or profound, interesting, or infectious to appeal to consumers.

us lash vendors

us lash vendors

Social Media Message

  • Social media message is helpful to deliver brand value and increase sales and brings you the effect of free advertising: forming interpersonal communication, enhancing exposure and consumer recognition, and promoting consumption power.
  • We have enough confidence in our products. We sincerely hope that all eyelash purchasers can find suitable mink eyelash suppliers and eyelash box factories to make more profits and we will provide sufficient profit margins for our partners.
  • Our aim is to make women around the world wear the most fashionable and healthy false mink eyelashes, and make them more confident and more charming.


Ⅴ.Why Choose Us As Your Eyelash Box Factory?

  • Our factory directly supplies low-price and high-quality eyelash boxes. Our price is competitive and no broker or distributor can make profits.
  • We provide free design. You will enjoy the most professional eyelash box for free by our professional team of designers.
  • Customized eyelash box. Any idea, any color, any shape, we will help you achieve.
  • Specialized high-precision production equipment and modern industrial leading technology can really produce high quality, high definition, durable, exquisite, and environmental protection eyelash packaging box.
  • Quality inspection team with strict requirements. Every link from raw materials to finished products is screened and tested strictly to ensure the perfections of every box.
  • Perfect after-sales service system. Under the guarantee of after-sales service, customers more assured to purchase our products.


Ⅵ. Solutions To Receive Damaged Or Insufficient Eyelash Packing Boxes

  • Three causes of damage or loss of eyelash box: extrusion during transportation, slight collision during delivery, and customs inspection.
  • The above situations can be solved according to the following methods.


First, Please Send All The Damaged Photos And Videos To Our Sales Staff

  • who will send the materials to our sales team for identification?
  • If it is damaged or lost during transportation, we will supplement the corresponding quantity of products in the next order and send it to you free of charge.

mink 3d lash vendors

mink 3d lash vendors

Second, If The Quantity Is Huge Or The Whole Case Of Goods Is Damaged

  • please take photos and videos for us, and we will submit them to the courier company for a claim.
  • We are an honest-first eyelash box vendor for Americans. All the problems will be sent back to our after-sales team and we will solve them immediately.
  • At the same time, we choose the safest and fastest transportation company with good service to ensure the safety of transportation and delivery.

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