25MM Faux mink eyelash

25MM Faux mink eyelash

1.Fake mink eyelashes are handmade by professionals and are made of high-quality synthetic fibers. They are soft and plump. The eyelashes are naturally fluffy and more environmentally friendly. It can help the eye makeup look refreshing and sexy, and the shape remains the same for more than 1 month. Our eyelashes are hypoallergenic, chemical-free, and will not harm your eyes.

2.100% handmade! The eyelashes may be slightly different, but each pair is very cute. The length of 25mm can be trimmed on the edges to match the beautiful makeup. Suitable for all occasions. Including parties, shopping, performances, dance parties, weddings, appointments, festivals, this is the best choice for Valentine’s Day gifts.

25mm Faux Mink Lashes Catalog

The above is our 25MM Faux mink eyelash catalog.What style do you like? If you want to know more styles and information, please contact us, we have professional staff who can provide you with high-quality services to help you realize your business dream of eyelashes business

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