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Why Your Temperament And Beauty Need Mink Eyelashes And Eyebrows

Why Your Temperament And Beauty Need Mink Eyelashes And Eyebrows

In the last night whole nation was brushing one meter eight long legs when the domestic chest is the legs of the LADYGAGA no idle, INSTERGRAM on the self-portrait in the full screen dimension are outstanding.Light-colored finish with orange Lips absolutely perfect with white light, but the most eye-catching or gradient of natural is mink eyelashes.

It is no doubt that inborn young and beauty is really good , even if the basic activities on the foundation of the basic makeup and daily change is not large,it is still the light-emitting finish with LADYGAGA favorite orange lipstick, but this time the eyebrow can really be wonderful, one can see the gradient to make makeup look more layered, and the overall brow color is lower than the color which will appear mink eyelashes more refined.

Ink eyebrows not only refers to the gradual changes of the eyebrows, eyebrows such as LADYGAGA color is lower than the color of a level can also be considered as an eyebrow ink category. The color diluted against the water as a general feeling, eyebrow color the best choice is based on own hair color and pupil color to choose their own brow color. If your eyebrows are bigger than the hair and mink eyelashes, it will make you look very soft. If your eyebrow color is deeper than the pupil and hair color, it will make you feel more energetic!

LADYGAGA changed the past sweetheart style, she puts on the cat’s eye makeup with thick eyeliner and curly eyelashes and eye highlights.Magnifying eye makeup standard all be gathered, hard eye makeup must not be the other features Buried, then the emergence of eyebrow brush appropriate, however, wearing mink eyelashes has more prominent eye makeup effect.

Before painting eyebrows,brush lightly to the back of the eyebrows, after eyebrow become smooth,then use come eyebrow pencil, many of my friends think the teaching is to first draw a box of eyebrows and then come back to fill, so drawn eyebrows will look warped like a crayon flat as flat without three-dimensional.

You should choose a slender eyebrow pencil to paint a little bit down the direction of hair roots, like the same sense of the sketch, after a small number of times in the eyebrows painted, then it can create a more natural fluffy hairbrush flu, the color is also more modest, Thus for eyebrow novices wearing mink eyelashes is also very important.

Many people think that the eyebrows are the simplest one, as long as the color is painted, even if it is done, this is the biggest misunderstanding of eyebrows. The importance of eyebrow makeup is never less than the finish makeup. After filling the eyebrows, Brush painted evenly, along the direction of the growth of eyebrows brush, brow can brush some more, so brows become pale, and gradient eyebrows are also used to create eyebrow brush.

The last step is to touch the eyebrow, if your eyebrows are not enough hair ,Then eyebrow is definitely increase eyebrow weapon, choose the color and eyebrow color almost brush from the bottom up, the root of the eyebrow brush three-dimensional, wearing mink eyelashes will look more spiritual, do not put all the eyebrow brush on the skin.

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Office Makeup Is Inseparable From Wearing MINK EYELASHES

Office Makeup Is Inseparable From Wearing MINK EYELASHES

For the little fairies, office makeup is a headache, fresh and elegant natural decency are both standards in it. Not only want to become the most beautiful office workers in the lattice, but also not to want too much force leading embarrassed thing,Whether you are a fresher or already indomitable workplace woman, today’s workplace makeup must be adapted to you.

Firstly look at the makeup section, the skin’s gloss can cover the state of fatigue, so that the skin looks full of young state. Use a small amount to paint the foundation a few times, and then wearing MINK EYELASHES can create a more textured finish effect. And with the light of the office, the lustrous base makeup absorbs even more light and keep the shine even after a tiring day.

Although you want to work for 50 hours always looks shiny shine in the skin, but for oil skin, then pay special attention. Luster may seem shiny. Wear MINK EYELASHES lightly overlapping the face as a whole smear powder can create a hazy skin. Avoid shiny feeling caused by the shiny feeling and looking at the mirror after work in the face has long been a big oil field embarrassment.

After the silky foundation makeup is done, it’s time to begin working on the grooming face. Unique rounded sense is a symbol of naive, eliminating the moment of mellow moment appears to be very mature. So quickly come up with their own repair capacity or repair capacity powder, wear MINK EYELASHES along the cheekbone drawn lines below it. You can also use the same as in the number of writing painted on the face with shadow powder. Firming facial bleach, highlight the bones, instantly add intellectual charm.

However, if the overall appearance of a clear line is easy to grow old, so do not use facial contouring products to build too sharp, or mature is very easy and “old” painted equal sign, so be sure to wear the MINK EYELASHES , Do not leave the old “line” feeling.

Do not forget the blush after getting hold. If the cheek is dry, it will speed up the sense of aunt, and the blush is the best helper to add a sense of abundance and sense of competence. Blush smear in the high position spread to the outside smear. But remember no wearing MINK EYELASHES is not suitable for office makeup.

The next is an important part of eye makeup, and usually love the use of grapefruit and apricot peach tangerine color eye shadow are office makeup minefield, because it brings too much lively feeling will be neutral and OL intellectual women calm, So hurry up! After wearing the MINK EYELASHES overlapping eyelid applied light brown, with a blooming brush carefully blooming, creating a natural shadow, with noble eyes brewing a mature woman’s character.

The shape of the eye can also be of great help in adjusting the texture of the overall look. For example, if the eye is too round, it can easily look naive, while the eye can create a rounded shape to eliminate the roundness of the eye. This time you need to wear MINK EYELASHES to help out, when wearing MINK EYELASHES properly pulled out at the end of the eye 3mm, by the way to open the open eye shadow. Eyeliner color choice does not have to use black, burgundy, dark brown can look soft and intellectual.

The last is the build of lip makeup. In fact, the choice of color lip color, there are many but the most important thing is to match the overall makeup. For example, if the blush itself is ruddy, this time will have to choose a lighter color lipstick to create a vulgar and temperament of the neutral lady makeup. Randomly apply the upper lip with your fingers while the lower lip with lipstick brush outline of the side of the lip smear, so that you can easily create gorgeous and noble coexisting effect.

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