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Do You Know What Is The Best Eyelash Curler For You?

Do You Know What Is The Best Eyelash Curler For You?

Many girls don’t know how to choose eyelash curlers, or what is the best eyelash curler for them. Today, I will share with you how to choose eyelash curlers.

Eyelash curl material type
Plastic eyelash curler features
Advantages: relatively lightweight and portable, very suitable for carrying
Disadvantages: the strength of the eyelashes will be weaker.
Suitable for the crowd: suitable for people who are softer in the eyelashes themselves

Do you know what is the best eyelash curler for you?

Typical representative product: muji portable plastic eyelash curler

Stainless Steel Eyelash Curler

Advantages: relatively strong force, better shaping effect
Disadvantages: unable to fold, inconvenient to travel
Suitable for people: suitable for people with hard hair

Typical representative product: Shiseido stainless steel eyelash curler

In addition to these two common ones, there are also popular eyelash curlers in recent years.

Electric eyelash curler

Electric preheating automatically brings the eyelashes to the natural curling effect.
Advantages: fast and convenient, lasting effect
Disadvantages: easy to burn to the eyelids when used
Suitable for the crowd: suitable for people who are usually in a tight time and who want to last forever
Common two types of electric eyelash curlers
The first type (eye-catching type)
Similar to the traditional eyelash curler, the traditional eyelash curler adds a battery, adds temperature, and the price is relatively cheap.
Do you know what is the best eyelash curler for you?

Use a 5th battery to make the hair on the single side out of the slightly hot temperature. The microbend of the brush head just makes the eyelashes curl naturally.

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How To Draw The Eyeliner and First Apply The False Mink Eyelashes ? 

How To Draw The Eyeliner and First Apply The False Mink Eyelashes ? 

Draw the eyeliner before the false Mink eyelashes, first draw a basic eyeliner along the root of the eyelashes, and then find the correct position through the eyeliner when the false eyelashes are attached. However, after the false eyelashes are attached, the eyeliner may be incomplete, or the false eyelash glue may be applied. Therefore, it is necessary to fill the eyeliner after the false eyelashes are attached, especially the eye tail can be adjusted according to the false eyelashes.

How To Stick False Mink Eyelashes

Step 1: choose a natural fit false Mink eyelashes, if the soft stems, naturally comfortable. Moreover, the eyelashes are thin and soft, and the eyelashes and the tails of the eyes do not tilt when they are pasted.

Step 2: Generally, the false eyelashes will be long. Before attaching the false Mink eyelashes, you need to use the tweezers to pick up the false eyelashes at the root of the eyelashes. Then trim the excess eyelids to match the eye shape, then pinch the two eyelashes. The end is gently bent in the middle and repeated several times. The stalk of the false eyelashes becomes soft and it is easier to fit the eye shape.

Step 3: Clip your own eyelashes so that your own eyelashes can blend better with false eyelashes.
Step 4: Apply glue to the false eyelashes. When applying the eyelash glue, it should be applied to both sides from the middle. Do not squeeze too much at once. After the false eyelash glue becomes transparent, stick it again. This semi-dry is the best adhesion. False eyelashes are the most stable.

Step 5: Apply false Mink eyelashes, first confirm the distance from the eye to the end of the eye, then place the mirror on the table, look down, point the false eyelashes at the center edge of the upper eyelashes, and then gently press Method to stick the false eyelashes firmly.

You can use the tweezers to pinch the false eyelashes and press for a few seconds, press them to the eyelashes at the end of the eye, and then open your eyes greatly. The eyelashes will make the false eyelashes firmer by the force of the eyelids. Be careful not to let the roots of the glue touch the true eyelashes.

Step 6: Finally, cover the pasted part with an eyeliner, so that the false eyelashes are very natural and look good.


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LADY GAGA teaches you to wear false mink eyelashes

LADY GAGA Teaches You To Wear False Mink Eyelashes


In Daily entertainment or shopping, how to make eye makeup come to the fore? It wouldn’t use mascara brush, you can try false mink eyelashes  which brought gorgeous eye makeup, false mink eyelashes  can make your eyes more charming,adapt to natural or PARTY makeup for a moment you can be gentle and lovely set off more charming.


MIIS are going to a magical make-up 2018 Christmas New Year and presents a glittering, futuristic psychedelic palette with glittering eye-catching could bring gold glitter particles and zigzag-shaped radiation effects, which accompanied by a variety of fascinating more three-dimensional happy holiday atmosphere. Bright dazzling eyelashes and let this holiday shine romantic joy of glory!

MIIS false mink eyelashes  can make your eyes more attractive. Suitable for natural or PARTY makeup.


The world’s top professional make-up brand MIIS brings a new MIIS series of false mink eyelashes , such as fan-like delicate and delicate false mink eyelashes , bringing extraordinary charm to the eyes style, leading unlimited dazzling wave in autumn flow.

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3D Mink Eyelasehs DH001 New Design Style

3D Mink Eyelasehs DH004 New Design Mink Lashes Style

3D Mink Eyelasehs DH001 New Design Style
3D Mink Eyelasehs DH001 New Design Style

Our designer has designed a new mink eyelashes. The eyelash is codenamed DH004 . This eyelash is different from the normal eyelashes on the market.

3D Mink Eyelasehs DH001 New Design Style
3D Mink Eyelasehs DH001 New Design Style

First, his style is very large, it is very exaggerated to wear, beautiful to wear, I will soon come to the market after consulting the market, ordering this DH004 MINK eyelashes, this eyelash test is unique, we design and produce ourselves, we The launch of this eyelash is said to be sent to our old partners first, they quickly promoted to cause a sensation in the market,

3D Mink Eyelasehs DH001 New Design Style
3D Mink Eyelasehs DH001 New Design Style

The first time to seize the favorable opportunity to seize the market, many new customers come to find our this big mink lashes, so more We have a profit for the growth of our brand. Of course, our customers’ brands have also grown a lot. In the sales process, not only have they created profits, but also grows the brand awareness.

3D Mink lasehs DH001 New Design Style
3D Mink lasehs DH004 New Design Style

If you want to find an Eyelash Vendors , you should first confirm whether they have their own design Team, and have their own production plant, the cooperation between the two is essential, so with a good supply partner, you will benefit from the long-term cooperation with our customers.

BIG 3D Mink lasehs DH001 New Design Style
BIG 3D Mink lasehs DH004 New Design Style

If you want wholesale mink lashes in big style DH004 , please contact us, we look forward to working with you for a long time.

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What is the key to become the charming female with a electric eyes  ?

What is the key to become the charming female with a electric eyes  ?

Nowadays, there are more and more ways to wear false mink eyelashes,and it is no longer difficult to have curly and beautiful eyelashes.

So go to the professional eyelashes beauty shop to do it! Then you would easily have shiny eyes without get mascara easily dizzy, smear trouble,and every day remover distressed at any time allows you to distribute charming luster.

Beauty is the anyone’s yearning and pursuit, also is the pursuit of any women . The female who are used to make up go out without makeup is like streaking,without sense of security. With the fast-paced life hit, people have a new understanding of the pursuit of beauty, simple and elegant fashion has become the mainstream of the chase, make-up more and more to attract the attention of women.

Wearing false mink eyelashes is like the perfect magic charm of female’s elegant side, just a small change in eyelashes, can make the eyes show smart, elegant, confident and so different style, and these in the eyelashes can be achieved wearing glasses, even more amazing is to wear eyelashes like their eyelashes as real spontaneous combustion, most people can not see the obvious signs of wear, the most important thing is wearing false mink eyelashes.

You do not need to spend too much time to dress eye makeup tedious makeup program, so you would keep the perfect 24 hours await calm and confident, What really every woman’s pursuit ,is it?

Nowadays, wearing false mink eyelashes has become a popular technology for people. When wearing false mink eyelashes, many people ask their own beauty blushers: What should you pay attention to when wearing false mink eyelashes? The following clues to tell you about what we should pay attention to when wearing false mink eyelashes!

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Wear fake mink eyelashes and you can appreciate the amazing changes it brings to the eyes

Wear fake mink eyelashes and you can appreciate the amazing changes it brings to the eyes

Wear fake mink eyelashes and you can appreciate the amazing changes it brings to the eyes

We have to ask, if you still do not know how to stick fake mink eyelashes, indicating that you have not appreciated amazing changes it bring to the eyes, which instantly make your eyes big and bright! If you can not know fake mink eyelashes, or have begun to learn but not essentials, However this false eyelash paste skills, definitely make you turned eyelashes master!

Wear fake mink eyelashes and you can appreciate the amazing changes it brings to the eyes

Here, take a look at the magic of fake mink fur eyelashes:

Have the eyes increase

First of all, fake mink eyelashes need choose the right eye type to successfully increase their eyes. The easiest way to choose: Depending on the width of your double eyelid to determine the length of the fake 100% mink eyelashes, that is, the wider the eyelids,the longer fake mink eyelashes ,so as to achieve a double eyelid visually increased, thereby increase the tension of the eye effect.

Wear fake mink eyelashes and you can appreciate the amazing changes it brings to the eyes

Tips: Single eyelid or small double more suitable for short natural fake mink eyelashes.

Change the eye type

Similar with eyeliner, selecting the stem is a black cotton fake mink eyelashes, stretching the role of both eyes, and then with the upper and lower eyeliner painting, so that eyelashes eye liner integration can counterfeit real and correct imperfect eye type. And fake real mink eyelashes can cover the shadow and dull upper eyelid, improve the three-dimensional eye.

Wear fake mink eyelashes and you can appreciate the amazing changes it brings to the eyes

Tips: In addition to the upper and lower eyeliner, lower eyelashes is also a tool to change the eye type.

Change the proportion of facial features

fake mink strip eyelashes can solve the sparse, soft and difficult to shape the eyelashes troubles, eyelashes open upward shape allows you to immediately look like Barbie upper body, eye length, size, shape has changed, the proportion of facial features will be different.

Wear fake mink eyelashes and you can appreciate the amazing changes it brings to the eyes

Tips:There are many natural and realistic style under the eyelashes, single cluster or partial under the eyelashes, you can also confused it really.

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How to Wholesale mink lashes  ?

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Ten tips of helping you “subdue” false mink eyelashes

Ten tips of helping you “subduefalse mink eyelashes

False mink eyelashes are the strongest props to change the entire eye makeup, if you can master it, it can be said that your big-eyed beauty has been half successful. Today, Editor will paste 10 small false mink eyelashes tips to share with you, be a beautiful “electric eye doll.”

Tip 1

Do not talk about eyelashes before you have thoroughly cleaned the eye area. Cleaning eye skin can make false eyelash adhesion longer.

Tip 2

Eyelashes different style means the makeup created by different. You can choose from a few brands of different styles of false mink eyelashes, makeup before standing in front of the mirror, take the box mounted false mink eyelashes next to the eye, a lot more contrast in order to pick the shape for the day eyelashes.

Tip 3

While attaching the false mink eyelashes, do not forget to take good care of your real eyelashes. First eyelash curler clip real eyelashes one or two times, make the eyes look more smart, and then apply some eyelash growth fluid to make real eyelashes full of moisture, it is conducive to false mink eyelashes fit.

Tip 4

If it is a long false mink eyelashes, it must be properly trimmed before use. Few false mink eyelashes without length suitable for trimming. You can first take false mink eyelashes close to the eye to measure the length of the required pruning.

Firstly trim from the outer edge of the start, so that from a more precise point of view of the false mink eyelashes trimmed in a short length. Pruning outside the short pruning method is not desirable, it will make false mink eyelashes seem very unnatural.

Tip 5

If you want a little retro effect, you can choose the lower part of the eyelashes and single-type false mink eyelashes as the lower eyelashes decoration.

Tip 6

Apply the glue to the bottom of the false mink eyelashes and wait for 15 to 20 seconds to make the glue sticky and dry. Then, use the false eyelash adjuster to gently push the false mink eyelashes from the inner corner of the eye toward the outer corner of the eye to fix it.

The beginning may be difficult to get started, but practice makes perfect. Do not worry the first time you stick is not perfect, the glue is not dry will leave you with time to adjust.

Tip 7

After applying the false mink eyelashes step is to draw eyeliner. After finishing the eyeliner, do not forget to curl again with the eyelash curler, curling your eyelashes, including real eyelashes and false mink eyelashes, false mink eyelashes naturally.

Tip 8

After applying false mink eyelashes brush mascara, because it can make your own lashes and false mink eyelashes naturally fit.

Tip 9

A complete set of false mink eyelashes can be recycled. Remover will be false mink eyelashes along the inner corner of the eye to gently pull down the outer corner, and remove the glue. A pair of false mink eyelashes can be reused 10 times, if every remover is stressful, you can even recycle more times.

Tip 10

If you want to create dinner eye makeup, you can try to embellish your eyelashes with crystal, the effect is absolutely dazzling.

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How to Apply Mink Eyelashes after you order the mink lashes on hand?

I’m no 3d mink lashes addict, but when it comes to going out on the weekends or heading to events, I will throw on a pair for total fun. I will be honest though: It took me a long time to really perfect applying 3d mink lashes and to learn the best techniques to prep and attach the lashes for my eyes.

But even as an experienced 3d mink lashes-wearer, I knew I could learn a few more tips and tricks to aid me along the way — so I speed dialed L’Oréal makeup expert and educator Gabriel Almodovar to provide his makeup-not-magic tips on how to get your falsies flawless and batting — here’s what he had to say.


Make sure your 3d mink lashes suit your eyelids.

Before even applying your 3d mink lashes, make sure they are cut to fit your eye length. “You don’t want them poking out in the inner corner of your eye, or extending past the outer corner of the eye,” Almodovar says. “Cut the ends as needed!” Another trick Almodovar suggests is to wrap your lashes around the handle of a brush before you apply them. “This creates more of a curvature in the band to help secure that the ends won’t pop up while you’re wearing the strip,” he says.

Less is more.

When it comes time to apply your 3d mink lashes, make sure to apply them with just the right amount of glue (not too much, not nothing at all) and a tweezer. “I use three things to apply lashes,” Almodovar notes. “The lashes, DUO Black Eyelash Glue, and a tweezer with a rubber grip for my fingers,” he says. “This makes holding the tweezers easier so I can focus on the placement of lash.” Simply get close to a mirror, close your eye about halfway and pop them on your upper lash line, as close to your natural lashes as possible.

If you’re applying them individually, map it out.

“When I use individual 3d mink lashes, I do every other lash then go back in and fill in the holes,” explains Almodovar. “I go from one corner of the eye to the other, overlapping the flared tips since the glue has already dried.” This makes the process a lot easier: “There’s no need to be concerned about moving the already placed individuals.”

To make your lashes budge-free, make sure your glue is tacky when you apply them.

“One of the biggest mistakes is applying the 3d mink lashes before the lash glue has gotten tacky enough,” says Almodovar. “You risk the glue getting into the eye and causing it to water, which could potentially ruin your eye makeup and concealer.” So what’s the trick to ensuring your glue is tacky enough? “I tend to wait up to 30 seconds to make sure that when I touch the lash to the lid it doesn’t slip or slide and sticks exactly where I want it,” he says.

Marry it with mascara.

Applying mascara to both the falsies and your natural lashes with help lock the two together and make the 3d mink lashes blend in and look more real.

How to Apply 3d mink lashes

Step 1: Cut your lashes to fit the length of your eyelid.

Step 2: Curve your lashes around a brush to break them in.

Step 3: Apply a thin line of glue onto the lash and wait for it to get tacky.

Step 4: Apply your lashes in one shot, or map them out if they are individual falsies.

Step 5: Finish off with mascara.

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Cleaning them is hard because water will mess them up. Just Use tweezers or your fingers to remove the leftover glue from previous uses. (Does not come with glue) if you want to fluff them out more, take a completely clean mascara brush (no mascara on wand) and brush through them with a slight side to side motion. so If you want to wholesale mink lasehs  , you should chose the Dior Lasehs , that is best best mink lashes wholesale vendor