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Any Good Eyebrow Makeup Without MINKEYE LASHES will Become Overshadowed

Any Good Eyebrow Makeup Without MINKEYE LASHES will Become Overshadowed

Eyebrow makeup is a very easy place to lay heavy hands, whether it is a stiff eyebrow or a thick color, it is easy to make their own carefully crafted makeup full of cartoon sense. But for the hairy stars, let the eyebrows appear to have an abundance of flu is also a big goal, in fact, in the face of such dilemmas are really different headaches, come to learn how to draw eyebrow!

In fact, the natural growth of the eyebrows in the color, there will be some gradient, especially from the brow to the tail of eyes from shallow to deep sense of gradient, so we should also create a thrush similar ease, and then wear MINK EYELASHES can make your eyebrow makeup look natural and type. The texture of the eyebrows can also make the eyes look more bright, no wonder Song Qian always seem full of British gas, natural paragraph gradient brow absolutely help a lot.

Gradually change the color of eyebrows to taupe, moderate depth, the tone is also more neutral type, it can be the perfect match so long as there is not too light yellow hair color. Like Song Qian, drawing a light sense of looking finish, cleaning eyeliner is as well as wearing MINK EYELASHES which make your gradient eyebrow become the focus of the overall look, shine and less exaggerated.

The first step in creating a gradient eyebrow is to determine the outline of the eyebrows. Start with the eyebrow eyebrows under the edge of the eyebrows, gently wear MINK EYELASHES, remember to be light-handed or a gradual change from shallow to deep into shallow. And the outline in advance can also determine the different stages of the gradient, it would very convenient.

Although the color of the eyebrows has shown a gradual sense of change, but the overall level of depth can be controlled according to their own preferences. Song Qian in this picture put the makeup focus on delicate eyeliner but also on the grapefruit bite lip makeup, so more light gray eyebrows, more fair skin. Eyebrow pencil is very easy to master, so you can always keep a lighter number of eyebrow pencil or wear MINK EYELASHES, it is a better color control.

From the front edge of the eyebrows, it can deepen the color and then wear MINK EYELASHES. However, we must also pay attention to when deepening the color,, in accordance with the direction of eyebrows to grow one by one to deepen the color, rather than blindfolded. even if there is a depth contrast, it looks like a crayon fate. If you find that accidentally starting too heavy, just take a clean swab to wipe it.

If you need to attend formal occasions or your hair color is very deep, it can deepen the overall gradient brow, brow still use light gray,the tail of eyes can use dark brown or dark brown friends. If you want Song Qian’s makeup, what with a dark gradient brow by wine red lip makeup is not looking stunning index full score? So gradient eyebrows can really touch with any makeup.

Dyed eyebrow cream is also essential to create a gradient eyebrow weapons. For handicrafts men, it is also a common problem to control badly the gradient gradually, brush the parts you want to deepen or lighten with the non-marking eyebrow brush. Eyebrow styling cream also own ointment stereotypes. Waterproof and sweat are both adaptable,Remember to bring one when commuting or going out to play.

Finally, as long as you remember with a dizzy foundation brush, gently swept brows and wearing MINK EYELASHES, it will be completed. This small detail not only allows the brow to be dyed more natural, but also allows the brow hair upright, so that the overall eyebrow look more three-dimensional.Let’s try.

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What is Advantages Of False Mink Eyelashes?

What is Advantages Of False Mink Eyelashes ?

1,You can keep your eyes glorious smart without mascara , like soft moonlight and dazzling sunshine.

2, Don’t worry about eyelashes off when you washing your face, taking a bath or swimming, it always allows you to keep the natural style.

3, It can create natural style for you, which make your eyes like autumn water, cold stars, and gems, you will be the most graceful and beautify female anywhere.

4,You can optionally choose the length,thickness and radian of eyelashes, then form and show your own unique style.

5, Anywhere suitably, after using it you would have the most shiny eyes and become the most charming female.

6,You can make the eyelashes more curved and natural style as the light clouds crescent moon, so that your eyes would be bigger and brighter as the wind back to the snow and show your charm perfectly.

7, false mink eyelashes of high quality can become a really natural eyelashes.

8, It would perform the effect of eyelid cream, make eyelashes add makeup color and hair color, creating a new supernatural beauty.

9, It can make eyelashes more curved and the eyes bigger moister like a Barbie doll have.

10, Curling and thick eyelashes can make a more smooth extension of the sense.

In many women views,short eyelash means their own shortcomings, people have been trying every means to cover up the short eyelashes fact, but no matter what method is used, there are always some places not as good as intentions. In fact, people can wouldn’t resist with inborn factors. If so, what should we do? In fact, the method of resist is not impossible.

With the development of beauty eyelashes technology,people are increasingly demanding on the false mink eyelashes,and now people invented the wearing false eyelash hair technology, it can help women to achieve a good eyelashes dream. The method of many women solving the short eyelashes in the daily life is to apply mascara and so on.

In fact, mascara is one of the essential makeup of many women make-up, though mascara can temporarily meet the requirements of women.Yet mascara should not be used for a long time. Mascara contains aniline substances, causing potential harm to the human body.

Some people in the process of using mascara will meet a lot of tears phenomenon, because of that the mascara have stimulated the cornea.With this type of mascara, it is very likely to cause conjunctivitis, keratitis and other eye diseases. Wearing false mink eyelashes can solve this series of troubles for everyone.

Wearing false mink eyelashes is a special glue to paste a false mink eyelashes to each of our natural eyelashes, in order to achieve the effect of beauty eyelashes. Wearing false mink eyelashes can immediately see the effect of eyelashes, when opening the eyes, we can see our eyelashes become thicker slender, curlier than original.

The perfect embellishment of our eyes make our eyes bigger and more attractive and charming. Wearing false mink eyelashes grafts the eyelashes about 0.5mm away from the root of our natural eyelashes and comes in contact with our skin zero. In the case of zero contact, wearing false mink eyelashes is hard to adversely affect our eyes.

In addition, after wearing false mink eyelashes,can save make-up time without using eyelashes cream,but also can completely avoid the adverse effects of mascara on our eyes.

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Why Office Makeup Is Inseparable From Apply Mink Eyelashes

Why Office Makeup Is Inseparable From Apply Mink Eyelashes ?

For the little fairies, office makeup is a headache, fresh and elegant natural decency are both standards in it. Not only want to become the most beautiful office workers in the lattice, but also not to want too much force leading embarrassed thing,Whether you are a fresher or already indomitable workplace woman, today’s workplace makeup must be adapted to you.

Office Makeup Is Inseparable From wearing MINK EYELASHES

Firstly look at the makeup section, the skin’s gloss can cover the state of fatigue, so that the skin looks full of young state. Use a small amount to paint the foundation a few times, and then wearing MINK EYELASHES can create a more textured finish effect. And with the light of the office, the lustrous base makeup absorbs even more light and keep the shine even after a tiring day.

Office Makeup Is Inseparable From wearing MINK EYELASHES

Although you want to work for 50 hours always looks shiny shine in the skin, but for oil skin, then pay special attention. Luster may seem shiny. Wear MINK EYELASHES lightly overlapping the face as a whole smear powder can create a hazy skin. Avoid shiny feeling caused by the shiny feeling and looking at the mirror after work in the face has long been a big oil field embarrassment.

After the silky foundation makeup is done, it’s time to begin working on the grooming face. Unique rounded sense is a symbol of naive, eliminating the moment of mellow moment appears to be very mature. So quickly come up with their own repair capacity or repair capacity powder, wear MINK EYELASHES along the cheekbone drawn lines below it. You can also use the same as in the number of writing painted on the face with shadow powder. Firming facial bleach, highlight the bones, instantly add intellectual charm.

Office Makeup Is Inseparable From wearing MINK EYELASHES

However, if the overall appearance of a clear line is easy to grow old, so do not use facial contouring products to build too sharp, or mature is very easy and “old” painted equal sign, so be sure to wear the MINK EYELASHES , Do not leave the old “line” feeling.

Do not forget the blush after getting hold. If the cheek is dry, it will speed up the sense of aunt, and the blush is the best helper to add a sense of abundance and sense of competence. Blush smear in the high position spread to the outside smear. But remember no wearing MINK EYELASHES is not suitable for office makeup.

The next is an important part of eye makeup, and usually love the use of grapefruit and apricot peach tangerine color eye shadow are office makeup minefield, because it brings too much lively feeling will be neutral and OL intellectual women calm, So hurry up! After wearing the MINK EYELASHES overlapping eyelid applied light brown, with a blooming brush carefully blooming, creating a natural shadow, with noble eyes brewing a mature woman’s character.

The shape of the eye can also be of great help in adjusting the texture of the overall look. For example, if the eye is too round, it can easily look naive, while the eye can create a rounded shape to eliminate the roundness of the eye. This time you need to wear MINK EYELASHES to help out, when wearing MINK EYELASHES properly pulled out at the end of the eye 3mm, by the way to open the open eye shadow. Eyeliner color choice does not have to use black, burgundy, dark brown can look soft and intellectual.

Office Makeup Is Inseparable From wearing MINK EYELASHES

The last is the build of lip makeup. In fact, the choice of color lip color, there are many but the most important thing is to match the overall makeup. For example, if the blush itself is ruddy, this time will have to choose a lighter color lipstick to create a vulgar and temperament of the neutral lady makeup. Randomly apply the upper lip with your fingers while the lower lip with lipstick brush outline of the side of the lip smear, so that you can easily create gorgeous and noble coexisting effect.

Office Makeup Is Inseparable From wearing MINK EYELASHES

Therefore, it is necessary to wear eyelashes in the office. Of course, the quality of the eyelashes is also very important. The eyelashes with poor quality will be laughed at the same time. If you wear eyelashes that can attract the attention of colleagues and get everyone’s praise, it is good.

But where do people usually buy eyelashes? I will introduce you to a very good quality Eyelash Vendor : Dunhill Lashes . Their eyelashes are not expensive, and the quality is not the best, but it is the best I have ever used. I hope to help you.

Where To find a Good Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor ? 

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3D Mink Eyelasehs DH001 New Design Style

3D Mink Eyelasehs DH004 New Design Mink Lashes Style

3D Mink Eyelasehs DH001 New Design Style
3D Mink Eyelasehs DH001 New Design Style

Our designer has designed a new mink eyelashes. The eyelash is codenamed DH004 . This eyelash is different from the normal eyelashes on the market.

3D Mink Eyelasehs DH001 New Design Style
3D Mink Eyelasehs DH001 New Design Style

First, his style is very large, it is very exaggerated to wear, beautiful to wear, I will soon come to the market after consulting the market, ordering this DH004 MINK eyelashes, this eyelash test is unique, we design and produce ourselves, we The launch of this eyelash is said to be sent to our old partners first, they quickly promoted to cause a sensation in the market,

3D Mink Eyelasehs DH001 New Design Style
3D Mink Eyelasehs DH001 New Design Style

The first time to seize the favorable opportunity to seize the market, many new customers come to find our this big mink lashes, so more We have a profit for the growth of our brand. Of course, our customers’ brands have also grown a lot. In the sales process, not only have they created profits, but also grows the brand awareness.

3D Mink lasehs DH001 New Design Style
3D Mink lasehs DH004 New Design Style

If you want to find an Eyelash Vendors , you should first confirm whether they have their own design Team, and have their own production plant, the cooperation between the two is essential, so with a good supply partner, you will benefit from the long-term cooperation with our customers.

BIG 3D Mink lasehs DH001 New Design Style
BIG 3D Mink lasehs DH004 New Design Style

If you want wholesale mink lashes in big style DH004 , please contact us, we look forward to working with you for a long time.

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Simple skill of creating a large eye with false mink eyelashes

Simple skill of creating a large eye with false mink eyelashes

Simple skill of creating a large eye with false mink eyelashes

Today I will bring you how to draw the eyelashes can be more warped, is it very excited?then hurry up,Let’s learn eyelash makeup skills slightly!

Simple skill of creating a large eye with false mink eyelashes

1.First of all, with the eyelash curler curling the upper eyelash curler, eyelash curler to choose their own so as to be able to clip enough type.

Simple skill of creating a large eye with false mink eyelashes

2.Then use mascara brush eyelashes, brush eyelashes have to be careful point, in terms of beginner’s crush can not choose what those very Alice mascara like, practice practice painting.

Simple skill of creating a large eye with false mink eyelashes

3.Remove the false mink eyelashes, apply special glue to the roots of false mink eyelashes

4.The false mink eyelashes posted along the roots of eyelashes, posted from the eye to the end of the eye, do not paste.

5.Fix the false mink eyelashes with tweezers until the glue dries.

6.Then brush mascara, so true and false mink eyelashes together

7.Eyeliner coated with eyeliner evenly in the lash gap

Simple skill of creating a large eye with false mink eyelashes

Bottom eyelash episode

cashes with mascara

Perfect big eye makeup complete!

Simple skill of creating a large eye with false mink eyelashes

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The basic way of Apply 3D Mink Lashes wearing

The basic way of Apply 3D Mink Lashes wearing

The basic way of Apply 3D Mink Lashes wearing

I always think it has been quite complete as long as painted eye shadow, painted eyeliner, and clip eyelash curler mascara before the eye makeup.But recently I found out that every beautiful girl in the street has especially big eye electricity. Looking closely, I realized that they put on 3D Mink Lashes that have the magical effect of increasing both eyes. However, no matter what kind of best mink eyelashes, have the most basic way to wear, now come carefully to learn about it.

The basic way of Apply 3D Mink Lashes wearing

Before and after wearing 3D Mink Lashes vary greatly in effect, the original decadent eyes suddenly become powerful.

Step1. Combing eyelashes

First with a small brush carding eyelashes, eyelashes can not only comb neatly, but also makeup residue powder sweep off, so that the follows will be more convenient.

The basic way of Apply 3D Mink Lashes wearing

Step2. Eyelash curler Alice

Gently curling the eyelashes from the root, which will make the natural mink lashes worn afterwards fit more closely to their real eyelashes.

The basic way of Apply 3D Mink Lashes wearing

Step3. Eyeliner to fill the gap

Due to 3D Mink Lashes can not be completely fit with the curvature of the eyes, you must rely on eyeliner to make detailed amendments. Beginners can use eyeliner or eyeliner, experts can use eyeliner to outline the delicate lines.

The basic way of Apply 3D Mink Lashes wearing

Step4. Soft 3D Mink Lashes roots

Natural soft 3D Mink Lashes along the curvature of the 3D Mink Lashes but not faux mink lashes . Terrier radians the more smooth, soft, the better, so paste, 3D Mink Lashes before and after the end docile, easy to Alice up.

The basic way of Apply 3D Mink Lashes wearing

Step5. Trimming 3D Mink Lashes

Longer eyelashes from the end of the period to do pruning, because the shorter eyelashes that period can be left in the head office, so paste the real mink eyelashes will be natural.

The basic way of Apply 3D Mink Lashes wearing

Step6. Apply false eyelash glue

Choose a good quality fake mink strip eyelash glue, and then brush the roots of a thin layer of 3D Mink Lashes.

The basic way of Apply 3D Mink Lashes wearing

Step7. Wait for the false eyelash glue to change to a transparent state

When the 3D Mink strip Lashes become translucent glue is the most sticky time, this time is the best time to wear 3D Mink Lashes.

The basic way of Apply 3D Mink Lashes wearing

Step8. Starting from the 3D Mink Lashes Center

From the center of the mink false eyelashes go up, and then paste the front and back ends of 3D Mink Lashes.

The basic way of Apply 3D Mink Lashes wearing

Step9. Do front and back press

With local eyelash curler again in front of the 100 mink lashes do press, so that 3D Mink Lashes more closely fit in the eyelid.

The basic way of Apply 3D Mink Lashes wearing

Step10. Eyeliner fill in the eye office

Finally, make up the eyes with black eyeliner to make eyeliner more complete, mink fur lashes will become more natural.

How to Wholesale mink lashes 

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You can own charming electric eye by wearing false mink eyelashes easily

You can own charming electric eye by wearing false mink eyelashes easily

You can own charming electric eye by wearing false mink eyelashes easily

Do you want to have charm of the big eyes like LADYGAGA ?, do you want to express your feelings on his waves? Do you think that before and after wearing comparison photos, to see such a clear contrast effect whether you are feeling eager? In fact, the method of wearing false mink eyelashes is really not difficult today and I will teach you to a few simple steps of wearing false eyelashes, of course, you can easily have a charming electric eye as long as you are clever enough!

You can own charming electric eye by wearing false mink eyelashes easily

Step1: Soft false mink eyelashes first

Before sticking mink eyelashes, you must firstly massage your false eyelashes, the so-called massage is to stop the false eyelash revolution and bending it, making it more supple docile.

You can own charming electric eye by wearing false mink eyelashes easily

Step2: Trim false mink eyelashes according to your own type

Usually when wearing false mink eyelashes, should be in accordance with their own eye type to trim, according to the width of their eyes, the false mink eyelashes cut the same length. Pruning from the end of the long false mink eyelashes began to cut, so it will look more natural.

You can own charming electric eye by wearing false mink eyelashes easily

Product Description: Backstage makeup artist and celebrity’s favorite. BR luxury mink eyelashes, eye waves flow,and the most breathtaking than smoke misty eyelashes. If you think Z brush method is not suitable for you, you can give yourself a gorgeous false mink eyelashes pick.

You can own charming electric eye by wearing false mink eyelashes easily

Dress effect: makeup effect is natural, not exaggerated, ideal for quiet, adapt to intellectual female friends to use.


Step3: Apply a little glue on the edge of false mink eyelashes

Apply a little glue on the edge of the false mink eyelashes, because the two ends are easy to fall off, the dosage should be slightly more, the glue should not stick on the false eyelashes. If you want to make false mink eyelashes curl more obvious, it will brush the eyelashes in the upper eyelash roots.

You can own charming electric eye by wearing false mink eyelashes easily

Step4: Wear false eyelashes

As the adhesion of glue to the dry when the strongest adhesion to about 5 seconds later, when the glue to be quick-drying, we should bend a false mink eyelashes to make it soft. Adjust the angle of false mink eyelashes, and then start from the middle of the eye stickers, followed by the eyes with the end of the eye. About 10 seconds by hand, so that true and false mink eyelashes completely be mixed.

You can own charming electric eye by wearing false mink eyelashes easily

Break through the traditional concept, looking for illusory expression in light and shadow. An eyelash, an imaginary world.

This section is a perfect interpretation of the concise and abstract futuristic wave. Embodies the MIIS LASHES pioneer fashion and playful lively side.

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Real Mink Lashes v.s Faux Mink Lashes – You Should be know Before Buying!

The ultimate in strip eyelashes and lash extensions are those made from real mink.

Offering natural, feathery beauty that is unmatched in synthetic versions, authentic minks are the best choice in lash extensions for a realistic look and unparalleled glamour. However, there are some things you must know before electing a set of minks for yourself, and we’ve compiled 10 of the most important facts you should consider before choosing genuine vs faux mink lashes!

1. They Are More Costly Than Other Eyelashes:

You can expect to pay twice as much or more for a full set of minks as you would for synthetic offerings. This is not only because they are considered a luxury product, but also because the process of collecting and processing the lashes is rather painstaking, and this increases the cost of the raw product.

2. They are Sterilized and Won’t Cause Allergies:

Those wondering whether eyelash extensions are safe and might cause allergenic reactions due to using animal hair for lash extensions can rest assured that there is no risk of having a dander related allergy to mink lashes. They are cleaned and sterilized to avoid this, and don’t cause allergies in people. Same goes for strip falsies!

3. They May Lose Their Curl Over Time:

Because they are natural hairs that are naturally curled, it’s not uncommon for long lasting mink lashes to eventually lose their curl. As fill ins are applied, this can become less noticeable, but one of the only downsides of mink lashes is that they tend to not retain their curl as much as synthetics. Applying mascara that curls or better yet – a heated eyelash curler can aid.

4. They Tend to Last Longer Because They are so Lightweight:

While all extensions are applied to the tip of the natural lashes, minks have the ability to last a little bit longer. That’s because of all the types of lash extensions in existence, minks are the ultimate in lightweight extensions and because they don’t weigh down and put strain on the natural lashes, it’s possible to get even longer wear out of authentic mink lashes.

5. Counterfeits Are Common:

When a quality product hits the marketplace, it’s not unusual for counterfeits to come about rather quickly. Artificial minks which are often advertised as anything but synthetic are very common and often offered at deeply discounted prices. And, while some good counterfeits may be some of the best fake lashes available, they still pale in comparison to genuine mink eyelashes.

6. Not All Technicians Can Apply Them Properly:

Because of the textural differences in minks, working with them is a little more difficult than with many synthetics. This can pose challenges for new technicians who are unfamiliar with the product. Because of the high cost of mink lashes, it’s important to find an experienced salon or technician or order to prevent these luxurious lashes from looking clumpy and unattractive.

7. Breaking The Glue Bond is Easy: 

Eye makeup application can greatly enhance the look of fresh mink extensions, however caution must be used when using different types of products that can quickly sever the bond the adhesive has on your natural lashes.

Most commonly, this mistake is made in users opting for oil based mascaras, however other practices such as different eyeliner styles that are placed on the top lid can also contribute to weakening a glue bond.

8. Minks are not Killed to Make the Lashes:

While animal activists love to label mink lashes as products that promote animal cruelty, minks aren’t killed in order to harvest their fur like they are in other industries. In fact, this wouldn’t be very cost effective for the vendors because a consistent supply of hair is needed in order to supply demanding lash wearers everywhere. The hair used in mink lashes is collected via gentle brushing of the animals before it is processed to be safe for wear.

9. Lash Mites are no More Common in Minks than in Other Lashes:

Because they’re made from animal hair, there are some that think that minks are more susceptible to lash mites. This is not true, however. Not washing the lashes and keeping them clean is the typical cause of lash mites, and they happen in synthetics just as commonly as they do with minks in careless wearers.

10. The Application of Minks can Take Longer than Other Lashes:

Thinner and finer than most lashes, the application of a set of genuine minks can take longer than other types of lashes. This is because it’s not uncommon for multiple lash extensions to be applied to one natural lash. This can mean that a two hour full set window may be unrealistic, so plan ahead for a longer session when having minks applied.

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