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17 Frequently Ask Questions On Custom Eyelash Packaging Box Solutions

17 Frequently Ask Questions On Custom Eyelash Packaging Box Solutions

1. What is Your Cheapest Eyelash Package With Private Label?

  • Rpund Diamond Clear Case + Glitters+mini logo stikcers formed a very cute private label eyelash pakaging solution.

Case with ordered Mink lashes, $0.5 for one case, Mini logo sticker $15 including design costs,Total 100 pieces mini logo stickers

  • With out eyelashes, case + lash tray +glitter +logo sticker $1 each sets

2. What is the popular diamond eyelash box do you have ?

See Bellow is the Most Popular diamond eyelash packaging box

See below is the most popular square eyelash packaging box

3. I have no LOGO , can you help me desgin the LOGO ? How Much ?

We can desgin the LOGO Look like below Photos , The cost is Free , but you should order the box from us .

4. can you custom my logo on box and let me see the effect if that i want ?

Yes . we can , look below is the desgin the LOGO effect, and we will send to you when you confirm it is OK m, then we will start make it .

5. Can i order the box without LOGO ? or what price ?

Yes. it is no problem we can offer the box without LOGO, no logo , so we no need desgin and custom logo on box , it is save our more cost, the price is cheap 1$ then with LOGO BOX . See below :

6. Is there a moq? No moq for this kind of clear diamond case.

Yes , We have MOQ request . Our miniumu Order quantity is 30pcs for WithLOGO and Without LOGO

7.How long Time can I customize eyelash packaging box ?

  1. one days for our designers to redesign the logo
  2. Two days print mini stickers
  3. Three days constom the logo on the box

8.How many eyelash box models do you have?

Eyelash packaging boxes catalog 25 styles Click here is the Catalogs —>
Clear Eyelash Packaging Square Box and Clear Round Eyelash Case Click here is the catalog —>


9. Do you provide samples of custom eyelash packaging boxes?

Sorry . We Do not supply Sample of custom eyelash packaging boxes, because of much costs without scale.

10. How many is MOQ to customize the eyelash packaging box?
30 pieces minimun order quantity, that is a GREAT POLICY, no box vendor can supply so low MOQ ALL OVER the WORLD.

11. What is the price FOR Custom Eyelash Packaging Box with My own logo ?

$2.50 Each Box , You can Investe ONLY $75 to get your Own Luxury Eyelash Packaging boxes,

Make your perfect Brand dream come True.

12.How long does it take to customize the eyelash packaging box?

  • 5 days to custom eyelash boxes,
  • 2 days line-up time for design and Edite logos,
  • 4 days for producing eyelash boxes.

13.How long does it take to ship to the US?

4 days to USA by UPS logistic

14.What is the shipping price?

$30 for 30-40 pieces, $40 for 40-60 pieces, $55 for 60-100 pieces

15.How can I place an order for you?
WHATSAPP: +8613156382673 , For logos and orders, We will give you a quotation and sent you paypal invoice with breakdown.

16. How to done payment?

First choice paypal,

17.I don’t like your sample. I have my favorite eyelash box mode and LOGO. How to customize it?

We can custom your exclusive eyelash packaging boxes, 100 pieces MOQ, $2.50 ONE BOX, 18 DAYS custom time.