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Why Popular Eyebrows Need Apply 3D Mink Lashes ?

Why Popular Eyebrows Need Apply 3D Mink Lashes ?

The popularity of make-up has been changing,every year’s mainstream eyebrows are constantly changing and keeping up with popularity, but are these eyebrows really for you – the quality of the eyebrows can make people have completely different feelings, either Sweetness or individuality is often the most important key to determining the overall appearance. When we are in the pursuit of pop, we do not forget that our own facial factors lead to how to draw eyebrows and never be suitable for ourselves.

Eyebrow, hairstyle or wearing MINK EYELASHES is required to follow their own body shape and face to adjust, but for many people, when replaced by a new eyebrow, but often forget to consider their face, a lot of time is sure to follow the trend as long as you find suitable for their makeup or dress in order to show a more beautiful or appropriate look.


The girls who owned round face because of the lack of lines on the face, it will inevitably make people feel a bit mellow look a little fat, so in the selection of eyebrows,when picking up the eyebrow,brow and eyebrow is no longer the same level. Using natural curvature of the eyebrows and lines, and then wearing MINK EYELASHES can make the face more three-dimensional, so that the face looks narrower, there are little face illusion.

The long face of the people in the selection of eyebrows is mainly hoping to shorten the length of the face, not only to make the face look more gentle point, thus this person is very suitable for a wide-faceted flat-brow style, With wearing MINK EYELASHES, you can make the face look not so long, meanwhile reduce some of the more obvious sense of line.


Compared with the round face,because the lines of country words face look founder and obvious, so we must use more gentle lines to dilute these acute angles, so pick the more obvious arc Crescent, you can wear MINK EYELASHES,then have the original more serious facing up, you can become more gentle and cordial.

The people who owned diamond face due to the bit more obvious cheekbones, it looks angular face, you can choose a mere meteor eyebrow less, eyebrows in the time, wearing MINK EYELASHES, such a natural arc, the most Modified cheekbones of the water chestnut will also make the eyebrows look more harmonious with the eye.

If you are a girl with oval face, then you do not have to worry about eyebrow shape wearing MINK EYELASHES directly, because your face shape can easily control a variety of eyebrow, meanwhile you can follow the trend of different popular brows.

Recommended reason: wear MINK EYELASHES natural eyebrows can be so fast form! Soft Color and easy to color; durable waterproof, easy to hold makeup; rotating nib, do not cut; screw eyebrow brush, Even for the first time you can easily make eyebrows gorgeous transfiguration, instantly create the ideal eyebrow for you!

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The welfare for green hand in false eyelashes field is coming!

The Welfare For Green Hand In False Eyelashes Field Is Coming!

For green hands, it is especially important to choose false eyelashes in the selection and wearing. The welfare of the green hands girls is here. Today, I will give you a detailed introduction on how to wear false eyelashes.

1. False eyelashes should choose the eye shape that suits you.

Single eyelids: You can choose natural false-eye false eyelashes to increase the support. If your eye fat is not so thick, you may still have double eyelids.

Inside double: girls should pursue natural effects, and should not be too exaggerated or too long false eyelashes, it will appear small eyes.

Slim eye: You can choose the middle encryption to complement it, and if it is a round eye, you can complement it by lengthening the eye.
Double eyelids: Daily choice of transparent lashes, or a variety of exaggerated models.

2. You can clip your own eyelashes before wearing to avoid double-layer effect.

Generally, the false eyelashes need to be trimmed to the appropriate length. Then, before wearing the eyelashes, grab the eyelashes and tails to make an oval shape. This step is very important. Because the eyelids are curved, it is easier to fit the eye shape.

3. Draw a proper amount of eyelash glue, paying attention to the head and tail slightly to prevent curling up during the process of sticking.

4. Use the forceps to take the center of the eyelashes from the root of the center of the eyelids, and fix them to the eye and the end of the eye one by one.

Use your eyelash comb to comb your own eyelashes and false Mink Eyelashes , then use your finger’s curvature to apply it, apply mascara from the roots, and avoid excessive caking.