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How To Order Custom Eyelash Packaging Box From Dior Lashes ?

How To Order Custom Eyelash Packaging Box From Dior Lashes ?

  • Send me your logo and eyelash brand informations, We can custom Your LOGO on eyelash packaging boxes for you!!

  • If you do not have a logo, dont worry !! let me know your logo idea, our designer will make a logo for you free charge!!

  • Only 30 boxes minimum order quantity, invest less money, start your luxury personal eyelash brand!!

  • 2 working days design eyelash packaging box  logo for you, and show you simulate logo pictures before producing eyelash packaging boxes!!

  • 5 working days producing your custom eyelash packaging boxes!! very short time, great help to support you start your lash line!

4 thoughts on “How To Order Custom Eyelash Packaging Box From Dior Lashes ?

  1. Hello, I am starting a boutique and am interested and your beautiful lashes and packaging! Please message me with the steps I need to move forward with your business. Thank you

  2. Hi! My name is Angela, I’ve been interested in starting my own lash line and would love to start it with your company! I would like to purchase a vendor and a logo brand with packaging. I haven’t created a logo just yet but i’m 100% sure of how i want it and i loved one of the packagings you guys have. Please contact me asap, would love to start my lash line with you guys!

  3. Hi , I’m interested in starting a business with you. I want to purchase a mink vendor and a logo brand with your help to eventually start selling. If you can get back to me I would appreciate it

  4. I’m interested in purchasing my logo brand eyelash packaging and need more information

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