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What kind of social media will get more traffic in the eyelash business?

What Kind of Social Media Will Get More Traffic In The Eyelash Business?

With the continuous rise and development of the eyelashes business, more and more people are beginning to join this industry. It is true that joining the eyelash industry is the right choice.


But running an eyelash career is skillful. The most reliant on the eyelashes business is the online platform. So, what online channels can be used to develop your eyelashes business?


Communication with customers is an essential part of developing eyelashes. Through communication, you can know what style of eyelashes the customer wants, what are the requirements for the eyelashes, and the number of eyelashes, how does the customer want to pay and so on. Therefore, you need a social chat software. In terms of foreign trade, almost everyone will choose whatsapp to communicate with customers or suppliers, because it is just convenient and faster.


In addition to communicating with customers, you also need internal drainage. At this time you need some social media, YouTube is one of them. Its characteristic is to use video to attract your customers. You can use your product or company or store as the material to shoot a long video and upload it to the top, but it should be noted that the material must be novel and eye-catching.


This is a social media that combines pictures and short videos. It attracts customers’ attention through some one-minute videos and some beautiful pictures.


Pinterest is a picture-based social media software, he can divide your pin map into various plates, it looks more clear. At the same time, you can also add your favorite pictures to your website link, when people are interested in him, click on the picture will enter your website, thereby noticing you more eyelashes.

Among the many online channels, these four are the most popular and have the largest number of users, which is more suitable for draining your eyelash industry. In addition, other online channels include Alibaba, Amazon and other online shopping systems, and further online marketing through the establishment of an online store.

If you have other questions, you can contact me. I will give my advice and I am glad that I will be able to help you

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How To Choose Official Mink Lashes?

How To Choose Official Mink Lashes?

A good 3D Official Mink Lashes help you make a good appearance in you office , and will get a good impression from your colleagues. Which means trust ,confidence,belief,and dependence.

So you should choose a perfect Official Mink Lashes to show yourself in your workplace.

3d mink wholesale lashes

3D Mink Wholesale Lashes

So which style do you choose when you when you negotiate a client?

Which style do you should wear when you attend your company party?

And which style should you apply in your daily work life?

Different styles for different occasions, so today Doir Lashes help you choose the Best 3D Mink Lashes which is used in your business activities.

3d mink lashes wholesale vendors

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Vendors

And which style should you apply in your daily work life?

Usually , if you are in your office, you should choose Natural 3D Mink Lashes , and you should choose 16-20mm Mink Eyelash to make a professional woman appearance.And when you find your 3D Mink Lashes Vendor , you should directly tell them the use of your Lashes. And they will give you the Natural Eyelash catalog , so you can make a correct purchase. And there are many styles Natural Lashes in the catalog, and you can choose the exact style you like from the catalog , and tell your salesman which style you like , or purchase them right now. Another thing you should do is that be careful of the quality , so you should choose a trustworthy 3D Mink Eyelash Wholesale Manufacturer to ask for a good price.

3D Mink Lashes Vendor

3D Mink Lashes Vendor

So which style do you choose when you when you negotiate a client?

You may have two ways to choose the Official Lashes. You should choose a formal style if your business meeting is more formal. Otherwise , you can choose a little bit of dramatic and natural style ,to show a little bit of your personality. Such as 20MM Mink Lashes. 20MM Mink Eyelash is very popular in your business activity. And these lashes are between Natural Eyelash and Dramatic Lashes. so if you have no idea about the natural 3D MINK EYELASH and dramatic eyelash , you may choose this style, and just not worry about the appearance you show , everything will be perfect and OK for you.

20MM mink eyelash wholesale

20MM Mink Eyelash Wholesale

Which style do you should wear when you attend your company party?

So on this occasion , you may have a try of 25MM Mink Lashes , and 25mm Lashes are all Dramatic Lashes , so make a new dramatic charming eye appearance will get more compliments.And one more thing , make sure to choose a Luxury Mink Lashes to make a perfect appearance, because there are many ordinary Lashes Vendor in the market , and what you should do is distinguish which one is the best ,and which one is the normal one ,and we have told may way to help you make a right decision

25MM Mink Lashes Wholesale

So choose a perfect eyelash that suit for you ,and make a good impression in your business occasion.Good luck , ladies!

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Any Good Eyebrow Makeup Without MINKEYE LASHES will Become Overshadowed

Any Good Eyebrow Makeup Without MINKEYE LASHES will Become Overshadowed

Eyebrow makeup is a very easy place to lay heavy hands, whether it is a stiff eyebrow or a thick color, it is easy to make their own carefully crafted makeup full of cartoon sense. But for the hairy stars, let the eyebrows appear to have an abundance of flu is also a big goal, in fact, in the face of such dilemmas are really different headaches, come to learn how to draw eyebrow!

In fact, the natural growth of the eyebrows in the color, there will be some gradient, especially from the brow to the tail of eyes from shallow to deep sense of gradient, so we should also create a thrush similar ease, and then wear MINK EYELASHES can make your eyebrow makeup look natural and type. The texture of the eyebrows can also make the eyes look more bright, no wonder Song Qian always seem full of British gas, natural paragraph gradient brow absolutely help a lot.

Gradually change the color of eyebrows to taupe, moderate depth, the tone is also more neutral type, it can be the perfect match so long as there is not too light yellow hair color. Like Song Qian, drawing a light sense of looking finish, cleaning eyeliner is as well as wearing MINK EYELASHES which make your gradient eyebrow become the focus of the overall look, shine and less exaggerated.

The first step in creating a gradient eyebrow is to determine the outline of the eyebrows. Start with the eyebrow eyebrows under the edge of the eyebrows, gently wear MINK EYELASHES, remember to be light-handed or a gradual change from shallow to deep into shallow. And the outline in advance can also determine the different stages of the gradient, it would very convenient.

Although the color of the eyebrows has shown a gradual sense of change, but the overall level of depth can be controlled according to their own preferences. Song Qian in this picture put the makeup focus on delicate eyeliner but also on the grapefruit bite lip makeup, so more light gray eyebrows, more fair skin. Eyebrow pencil is very easy to master, so you can always keep a lighter number of eyebrow pencil or wear MINK EYELASHES, it is a better color control.

From the front edge of the eyebrows, it can deepen the color and then wear MINK EYELASHES. However, we must also pay attention to when deepening the color,, in accordance with the direction of eyebrows to grow one by one to deepen the color, rather than blindfolded. even if there is a depth contrast, it looks like a crayon fate. If you find that accidentally starting too heavy, just take a clean swab to wipe it.

If you need to attend formal occasions or your hair color is very deep, it can deepen the overall gradient brow, brow still use light gray,the tail of eyes can use dark brown or dark brown friends. If you want Song Qian’s makeup, what with a dark gradient brow by wine red lip makeup is not looking stunning index full score? So gradient eyebrows can really touch with any makeup.

Dyed eyebrow cream is also essential to create a gradient eyebrow weapons. For handicrafts men, it is also a common problem to control badly the gradient gradually, brush the parts you want to deepen or lighten with the non-marking eyebrow brush. Eyebrow styling cream also own ointment stereotypes. Waterproof and sweat are both adaptable,Remember to bring one when commuting or going out to play.

Finally, as long as you remember with a dizzy foundation brush, gently swept brows and wearing MINK EYELASHES, it will be completed. This small detail not only allows the brow to be dyed more natural, but also allows the brow hair upright, so that the overall eyebrow look more three-dimensional.Let’s try.

Are your want to  starting your own lash line and wholesale mink lashes   ? and interested in getting samples of your 3d mink lashes. Dior lashes is the Best Eyelash Vendors , Please find following styles as shown on your website:

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Do You Know What Is The Best Eyelash Curler For You?

Do You Know What Is The Best Eyelash Curler For You?

Many girls don’t know how to choose eyelash curlers, or what is the best eyelash curler for them. Today, I will share with you how to choose eyelash curlers.

Eyelash curl material type
Plastic eyelash curler features
Advantages: relatively lightweight and portable, very suitable for carrying
Disadvantages: the strength of the eyelashes will be weaker.
Suitable for the crowd: suitable for people who are softer in the eyelashes themselves

Do you know what is the best eyelash curler for you?

Typical representative product: muji portable plastic eyelash curler

Stainless Steel Eyelash Curler

Advantages: relatively strong force, better shaping effect
Disadvantages: unable to fold, inconvenient to travel
Suitable for people: suitable for people with hard hair

Typical representative product: Shiseido stainless steel eyelash curler

In addition to these two common ones, there are also popular eyelash curlers in recent years.

Electric eyelash curler

Electric preheating automatically brings the eyelashes to the natural curling effect.
Advantages: fast and convenient, lasting effect
Disadvantages: easy to burn to the eyelids when used
Suitable for the crowd: suitable for people who are usually in a tight time and who want to last forever
Common two types of electric eyelash curlers
The first type (eye-catching type)
Similar to the traditional eyelash curler, the traditional eyelash curler adds a battery, adds temperature, and the price is relatively cheap.
Do you know what is the best eyelash curler for you?

Use a 5th battery to make the hair on the single side out of the slightly hot temperature. The microbend of the brush head just makes the eyelashes curl naturally.

Hi I am interested and finding out about private label lashes and Eyelash Vendors , what is the minimum order and how many styles can you choose with the minimum order? What woyld tye cost be, and do you send samples??

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How To Get Long Lasting Lashes ?

How To Get Long Lasting Lashes ?

1. Eyeliner

This eyeliner is also an important part of eye makeup. This technique is always easy to ignore. When you put fake mink eyelashes, you must first draw a good eyeliner. You can choose eyeliner or eyeliner to complete it. In fact, this method is mainly for fake. Eyelashes provide convenient conditions.

2. Cut eyelashes

You must trim your false mink eyelashes according to your eye shape. First, determine the position of the eye and then trim the best length. But the point to note is that you can’t trim it too long when trimming.

3. Eyeelash Glue

Apply a proper amount of glue directly to the root of the false mink eyelashes. When the church is quick to dry, bend the false eyelashes directly, which will make the eyelashes look softer and more realistic.

It is worth noting that it is better to choose the quality of the Eyelash Glue, so as to ensure the quality, the effect will be better.

4. Paste

Apply the false eyelashes directly to the root of the mink eyelashes , and then paste them in the order of the middle, the eyes, and the end of the eyes. And the press is fixed, so the effect of the paste will be more realistic.

5. Eyeliner fusion false mink eyelashes

Some people may wear false eyelashes to reveal white glue when they are finished with false eyelashes. At this time, we need to use eyeliner to cover these parts, making the eyelashes look more natural and more realistic.

6. Eye shadow

Use dark eyeshadow to smudge, which will make the false eyelashes look more fit and make the makeup more natural.

MIIS LASHSWholesale Mink Lashes Vendors and Manufacturer

Hello, I would like to order 50 pair with boxes but I don’t have a logo. But I would like a photo of eyelashes with my business name. Are you able to design it? What does it cost for wholesale mink lashes

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Custom Eyelash Packaging Box Eyelash Case Mink Lashes Private Suppliers

Dior Lashes Custom Eyelash Packaging Box Eyelash Case

Dear Sir/Madam I am interested in your wholesale mink lashes , however a do have some questions about your 3D Mink Lashes your 3D Faux Lashes, Is there a minimum order? What are your payment terms? Do you provide samples and if so much? Are there any hidden costs? Do you have liability insurance? Do we solely own the IP if we do private label with your company? I look forward to receiving a response to the above questions. Many thanks

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Why Your Temperament And Beauty Need Mink Eyelashes And Eyebrows

Why Your Temperament And Beauty Need Mink Eyelashes And Eyebrows

In the last night whole nation was brushing one meter eight long legs when the domestic chest is the legs of the LADYGAGA no idle, INSTERGRAM on the self-portrait in the full screen dimension are outstanding.Light-colored finish with orange Lips absolutely perfect with white light, but the most eye-catching or gradient of natural is mink eyelashes.

It is no doubt that inborn young and beauty is really good , even if the basic activities on the foundation of the basic makeup and daily change is not large,it is still the light-emitting finish with LADYGAGA favorite orange lipstick, but this time the eyebrow can really be wonderful, one can see the gradient to make makeup look more layered, and the overall brow color is lower than the color which will appear mink eyelashes more refined.

Ink eyebrows not only refers to the gradual changes of the eyebrows, eyebrows such as LADYGAGA color is lower than the color of a level can also be considered as an eyebrow ink category. The color diluted against the water as a general feeling, eyebrow color the best choice is based on own hair color and pupil color to choose their own brow color. If your eyebrows are bigger than the hair and mink eyelashes, it will make you look very soft. If your eyebrow color is deeper than the pupil and hair color, it will make you feel more energetic!

LADYGAGA changed the past sweetheart style, she puts on the cat’s eye makeup with thick eyeliner and curly eyelashes and eye highlights.Magnifying eye makeup standard all be gathered, hard eye makeup must not be the other features Buried, then the emergence of eyebrow brush appropriate, however, wearing mink eyelashes has more prominent eye makeup effect.

Before painting eyebrows,brush lightly to the back of the eyebrows, after eyebrow become smooth,then use come eyebrow pencil, many of my friends think the teaching is to first draw a box of eyebrows and then come back to fill, so drawn eyebrows will look warped like a crayon flat as flat without three-dimensional.

You should choose a slender eyebrow pencil to paint a little bit down the direction of hair roots, like the same sense of the sketch, after a small number of times in the eyebrows painted, then it can create a more natural fluffy hairbrush flu, the color is also more modest, Thus for eyebrow novices wearing mink eyelashes is also very important.

Many people think that the eyebrows are the simplest one, as long as the color is painted, even if it is done, this is the biggest misunderstanding of eyebrows. The importance of eyebrow makeup is never less than the finish makeup. After filling the eyebrows, Brush painted evenly, along the direction of the growth of eyebrows brush, brow can brush some more, so brows become pale, and gradient eyebrows are also used to create eyebrow brush.

The last step is to touch the eyebrow, if your eyebrows are not enough hair ,Then eyebrow is definitely increase eyebrow weapon, choose the color and eyebrow color almost brush from the bottom up, the root of the eyebrow brush three-dimensional, wearing mink eyelashes will look more spiritual, do not put all the eyebrow brush on the skin.

We offer whole for 3D lashes that will suit your needs. We have many lash options to choose from. Try one for yourself to sample. If you are content, you may move forward and see what options we have available to you. We have Wholesale Mink Lashes as well as branding to help you get started!

Hello, I am starting an eyelash website and i am currently looking for a Eyelash vendor I wasn’t sure how else to get in contact with your company so that’s why I’m writinf this message on here. I provided my whatsapp info so you can be able to reach me. Thank you.

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Why Popular Eyebrows Need Apply 3D Mink Lashes ?

Why Popular Eyebrows Need Apply 3D Mink Lashes ?

The popularity of make-up has been changing,every year’s mainstream eyebrows are constantly changing and keeping up with popularity, but are these eyebrows really for you – the quality of the eyebrows can make people have completely different feelings, either Sweetness or individuality is often the most important key to determining the overall appearance. When we are in the pursuit of pop, we do not forget that our own facial factors lead to how to draw eyebrows and never be suitable for ourselves.

Eyebrow, hairstyle or wearing MINK EYELASHES is required to follow their own body shape and face to adjust, but for many people, when replaced by a new eyebrow, but often forget to consider their face, a lot of time is sure to follow the trend as long as you find suitable for their makeup or dress in order to show a more beautiful or appropriate look.


The girls who owned round face because of the lack of lines on the face, it will inevitably make people feel a bit mellow look a little fat, so in the selection of eyebrows,when picking up the eyebrow,brow and eyebrow is no longer the same level. Using natural curvature of the eyebrows and lines, and then wearing MINK EYELASHES can make the face more three-dimensional, so that the face looks narrower, there are little face illusion.

The long face of the people in the selection of eyebrows is mainly hoping to shorten the length of the face, not only to make the face look more gentle point, thus this person is very suitable for a wide-faceted flat-brow style, With wearing MINK EYELASHES, you can make the face look not so long, meanwhile reduce some of the more obvious sense of line.


Compared with the round face,because the lines of country words face look founder and obvious, so we must use more gentle lines to dilute these acute angles, so pick the more obvious arc Crescent, you can wear MINK EYELASHES,then have the original more serious facing up, you can become more gentle and cordial.

The people who owned diamond face due to the bit more obvious cheekbones, it looks angular face, you can choose a mere meteor eyebrow less, eyebrows in the time, wearing MINK EYELASHES, such a natural arc, the most Modified cheekbones of the water chestnut will also make the eyebrows look more harmonious with the eye.

If you are a girl with oval face, then you do not have to worry about eyebrow shape wearing MINK EYELASHES directly, because your face shape can easily control a variety of eyebrow, meanwhile you can follow the trend of different popular brows.

Recommended reason: wear MINK EYELASHES natural eyebrows can be so fast form! Soft Color and easy to color; durable waterproof, easy to hold makeup; rotating nib, do not cut; screw eyebrow brush, Even for the first time you can easily make eyebrows gorgeous transfiguration, instantly create the ideal eyebrow for you!

Hello I am interested in getting eyelash vendors and also I’m trying to purchase mink eyelashes to sell them I really need help and getting started on Lee want to wholesale mink lashes  about 25 to 50. To get started different styles and also I need private packaging please help me thank you

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How To Draw The Eyeliner and First Apply The False Mink Eyelashes ? 

How To Draw The Eyeliner and First Apply The False Mink Eyelashes ? 

Draw the eyeliner before the false Mink eyelashes, first draw a basic eyeliner along the root of the eyelashes, and then find the correct position through the eyeliner when the false eyelashes are attached. However, after the false eyelashes are attached, the eyeliner may be incomplete, or the false eyelash glue may be applied. Therefore, it is necessary to fill the eyeliner after the false eyelashes are attached, especially the eye tail can be adjusted according to the false eyelashes.

How To Stick False Mink Eyelashes

Step 1: choose a natural fit false Mink eyelashes, if the soft stems, naturally comfortable. Moreover, the eyelashes are thin and soft, and the eyelashes and the tails of the eyes do not tilt when they are pasted.

Step 2: Generally, the false eyelashes will be long. Before attaching the false Mink eyelashes, you need to use the tweezers to pick up the false eyelashes at the root of the eyelashes. Then trim the excess eyelids to match the eye shape, then pinch the two eyelashes. The end is gently bent in the middle and repeated several times. The stalk of the false eyelashes becomes soft and it is easier to fit the eye shape.

Step 3: Clip your own eyelashes so that your own eyelashes can blend better with false eyelashes.
Step 4: Apply glue to the false eyelashes. When applying the eyelash glue, it should be applied to both sides from the middle. Do not squeeze too much at once. After the false eyelash glue becomes transparent, stick it again. This semi-dry is the best adhesion. False eyelashes are the most stable.

Step 5: Apply false Mink eyelashes, first confirm the distance from the eye to the end of the eye, then place the mirror on the table, look down, point the false eyelashes at the center edge of the upper eyelashes, and then gently press Method to stick the false eyelashes firmly.

You can use the tweezers to pinch the false eyelashes and press for a few seconds, press them to the eyelashes at the end of the eye, and then open your eyes greatly. The eyelashes will make the false eyelashes firmer by the force of the eyelids. Be careful not to let the roots of the glue touch the true eyelashes.

Step 6: Finally, cover the pasted part with an eyeliner, so that the false eyelashes are very natural and look good.


Hi, ? My name is Sherelyng, i’m looking for a lashes Vendors. I want to buy mink lashes wholesae I would like to have information about your products. How much cost the eyelashes and the eyelashes packages. ? I look forward to receiving your response.